Streets of Rogue

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March 2017


Matt Dabrowski


Tiny Build Games

Fight, sneak, and hack your way through randomly generated cities. It's like Nuclear Throne meets Deus Ex, mixed with the anarchy of GTA. Rogue-lite meets immersive sim, and goes completely insane.


A corrupt mayor, an underground resistance, and a slew of crazy characters. I’m Weise, aka Thomas, and I’d like to welcome you, to the Streets of Rogue, a new game developed by Matt Dabrowski and published by Tiny Build Games. Available on Steam for $14.99, together, we can join the resistance and take down the mayor in this action-packed, co-op, rogue-like experience like no-other.


You are a member of the resistance, a semi-organized group of rebels trying to take down the corrupt mayor and take back the city. After running a campaign full of deceit, the crime rate in the city has skyrocketed and the resistance wants to bring back order, by any means necessary. You cannot let anyone get in the way of your cause as you travel through the Streets of Rogue.


The typical flow of the game has you progress floor by floor through the city, in a procedurally generated world. Each floor will assign you a random set of missions to complete that could include murdering someone, acquiring a specific item, rescuing a prisoner, or more all in order to help the resistance with their cause. You must use any means necessary to complete the mission, making use of whatever special skills your character has.

You start each round by picking a class that you’ll use until you die. These classes include both typical and VERY, untypical characters. For example, you can play as the soldier, a class that starts with various weapons and armor if that’s your play style. Or maybe you prefer to take a stealth approach with the Hacker, tampering with computers and using your hacker skills to benefit you. Perhaps you’d rather be a gorilla and just smash everything with heavy melee attacks. Truly, this game lets you play however you like as you approach each scenario you’re given, assessing the situation, and determining the best route you want to try to take to accomplish the goal.

As you complete certain achievements, you’ll unlock additional characters too. For example, if you bribe a certain number of cops, you can unlock the police officer as a playable character. I found this to be a fun way to get me back into the game for replay ability, trying to tackle one or two character unlocks each run. You earn a currency that looks like a potato based on the progression you made in each run as well that can be used at the home base or HUB area to unlock more skills, weapons, and mission rewards to use in the future. Truly, it’s a fun gameplay mechanic that just doesn’t get old.

Finally, to wrap this section up, the game allows you to play with up to 3 other people in a co-op medley. Combine your skills to form the ultimate team and be able to handle any situation that comes at you.


Visually, this game isn’t too much to look at. It’s very much a pixel-art game and though its done decently, there’s nothing that set it apart too much for me. Some of the character customization is fun to play with, and the character classes themselves have some extra detail, but in the current version of the world the environments felt a tad more lacking for me. Due to the nature of the procedurally generated levels, it’s very easy to see the various textures and patterns being reused to form the buildings. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and really is quite expected, but it is something to note.

I will say that I found the procedural generation to be great however, in that rooms of all different kinds, sizes, etc were found in each playthrough and every floor which really added to the environment of this scummy city you are trying to free.


The soundtrack for Streets of Rogue is pretty fantastic, and you can actually purchase it as DLC in the Steam store for $2.99. It fits the feel of the gameplay perfectly. All the dialog in the game is text-based, but the sound effects for the various weapons, doors, glass breaking and more really are great. Voice acting in a game like this isn’t really needed, but the script writing they did for the different interactions is actually quite good. The tutorial at the start of the game sets the tone, full of humor and jokes that continue to come up throughout the game. Overall, my expectations in the audio department weren’t too high and I was pleased with what I found.


There are a lot of unlockables in this game, and its still in early-access. I’ve mentioned the unlockable characters, but you can also unlock weapons and gadgets for rewards from missions, various traits for when you level up, and much more. Additionally, there is a plan to allow for seeds to be entered, daily-runs for leaderboards, various mutators which will change the way the game is played, and a create a character feature to allow you to create your own custom class.

The mutators alone change the gameplay drastically. You can handicap yourself with things like “melee only” or just change the game up by having all the citizens riot in the streets. Combine this with the procedural generation and multiplayer and you have a game you can come back to over and over.

Overall Wrap-Up

Overall, I really like Streets of Rogue. At the time of this review, I have eight hours into it and have unlocked almost all the characters. I have plenty of traits and mission rewards to unlock still and have only scratched the surface of testing myself on daily runs or with various mutators turned on. For $15, the Tiny Build name behind the publishing, and the ability to play with up to three of my friends for even more mayhem, I cannot recommend this game enough if you are even the slightest bit a fan of rogue-like RPG action games. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and check out my other reviews from my playlist. If you want to see me play this game, I’ll be streaming it from time to time at Beam.pro/WeiseGamer. That said, thanks for watching. I’ve been Weise, aka Thomas, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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