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April, 2017


Team Shifty



Shift through bullets, and master lightning-fast takedowns in an all new kind of action game from tinyBuild and Team Shifty! Mr. Shifty follows a teleportation-fueled heist to break into the world's most secure facility.


You are a special agent with the power to shift, a short teleportation technique that allows you to appear instantly a few feet away, even if you travel through walls. Your mission, to complete the ultimate heist, using your abilities to take down any threat in your way, as you climb to the top of the most secure building in the world. I’m Thomas from WeiseGamer.com, and this is my review of Mr. Shifty, a game releasing tomorrow, April 13th, 2017 from Team Shifty and tinyBuild Games.


The story of Mr. Shifty is pretty short and simple. You have the super power to teleport short distances, including teleporting through walls, which the game calls a “shift.” An evil leader sits at the top of the world’s most secure building and is looking to create a weapon. You have to pull off the ultimate heist over 18 stages and 140 levels to stop this from happening.


Moving into Gameplay, the general flow is you move through each level as fast as possible, knocking out all the enemies on the floor then moving into the next section. Each stage has a final zone which culminates in some kind of tricky or complicated room, virtually like a boss fight. A lot of people have compared it to the Hotline Miami series, but with the superpower to shift.

You have just a few abilities, and though the gameplay seems simple, its actually really addicting and fun. The levels have various items you can pick up and use to throw at enemies or as one hit melee attacks, various traps like lasers that you need to circumvent, with some of these traps acting like puzzling mechanics to add that to the gameplay as well.

As I mentioned before, there are around 18 stages and 140 levels, so there’s definitely a wide variety you’ll come across and it’s a lot of fun in general.


Visually, this game is fairly average. There’s nothing terrible about it, but nothing that stands out either. As a top down game with a minimalistic approach to the textures, it comes off a bit comic-book like which is completely fine for the theme of a secret agent with super powers. There’s not a whole lot to talk about otherwise here, but there are some cool effects I’ll mention like punching the bad guys through an exterior window which has them do a falling animation as they plummet to their death.


Audio wise, it’s pretty much the same story as the visuals. It’s good, you can buy the soundtrack, and I think it adds to the gameplay, but it wasn’t something that particularly blew me away by any means. I do have to say when you complete a stage, you end up in the elevator to the next floor and the elevator music is such a hilarious change of pace, it really gives a little comic relief to lighten the tension. I feel like any of the recent games tinyBuild has published have had great soundtracks, and this isn’t a disappointment, but it wasn’t something I felt needed to be the main focus of the review, as it was just enough to add that little touch to the game to make it more polished.


I always like to bring up replay ability in my reviews as you guys know, and with Mr. Shifty I really feel the game can be played through multiple times. There aren’t too many achievements, so I feel like I’ll play through a few times to pick up the couple I missed as it’s not an insurmountable task when you look at it, compared to some games that have 50+ achievements. There’s also a timer that shows how quickly you completed each level, so speed runners can definitely have fun here as well.

Overall Wrap-Up

Overall, I am really excited for Mr. Shifty to hit the mass market tomorrow. It’s one of the indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch and I think it will play very well there, and of course it’s coming to Steam as well. I definitely recommend picking it up tomorrow, or whenever you see this video if the game is already released. I’ve been Thomas from WeiseGamer.com, and I hope you enjoyed my review of Mr. Shifty.

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